“i keep you in my gut i keep you in my throat--are you hungry? i can feel you beating in me i can.”

Kari Rosenfeld and Lou Lou Sainsbury

wax, epoxy resin, clay, soil, spray paint, gummies, quail eggs, apple core, sugar, tree back, lichen, popcorn, plasticine, make up, jacket, crochet, steel.
3 plates, each 125x109x1cm

Lou Lou Sainsbury’s “Earth is a Deadname”
Gasworks, London 
July 6 -September 17, 2022

Affixed to large steel plates, painted by rust after years of sitting, are different entities, made intricately but entirely failing at what they are suppose to be. Gummies are made into brains or celestial earth matter; wax, resin, and dirt make cupcakes sometimes including sugar and eggs, but fully toxic. The piece is an interpretation of the world built through the sound installation “The Law of Desire is Fascist,” where desire cannot be resisted, where it is saturated in ambivalence and addiction, where the body is celebrated, alien, and condemned.

“...the support of a substance or a friend is not without doubt or difficulty - as witnessed by i keep you in my gut i keep you in my throat -are you hungry? i can feel you beating in me i can, three steel plates bearing a 'cupcake cosmos' handmade with Kari Rosenfeld. These treats are viscerally sensual, all bubbly resin and fingerprinted plasticine, whilst also being absolutely inedible: several are iced with choice words such as 'mucus', 'burst' or 'pestilence'. In their alternative to pandemic baking, we get a sense of the pair indulging in the ugly feelings that can emerge even around pleasure.” -Francis Whorrall-Campbell, Art Monthly

This was commissioned as a part of Lou Lou Sainsbury's solo exhibition 'Earth is a Deadname' at Gasworks
with generous support from the Freelands Foundation.