Kari Leigh Rosenfeld is an artist based in Berlin, Germany. Kari’s work often deals with ontology, political and social affect, religious and mythological narratives, image, genre, and attachment. They recently graduated from Dutch Art Institute Masters of Art Praxis, co-founded the Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Science-Alexandria, and had their work exhibited at Gasworks, London, Humberstreet Gallery, Hull, and Motto Books, Berlin.

E-MAIL: KariLeighRosenfeld@Gmail.com

PRESS (clickable):
Artforum, Earth is a Deadname, Critics’ Picks, by Dylan Huw, 2022
Frieze Magazine, Lou Lou Sainsbury Dreams of A More Liberated Future, by Juliet Jacques, 2022
Ocula Magazine, Earth is a Deadname Review, by Nguyen Thuy Duong, 2022
Art Monthly, Earth is a Deadname, by Frances Whorrall-Campbell, 2022
Mada Masr, Attempting to De-Colonize Pedagogy in CILAS Alexandria by Gian Spina 2019