“Xeny meets Mr. Peonies”

Kari Rosenfeld and Lou Lou Sainsbury
Performance (1:00:00)

Gasworks, London
Lou Lou Sainsbury’s Earth is a Deadname
September 18, 2022

Mr. Peonies and Xeny come from two different cinematic worlds: Xeny, the Xenomorph from Alien, from Sainsbury’s Performance “Xeny”, and Mr. Peonies, a character based off an amalgamation of characters played by Philip Seymour Hoffman from Rosenfeld’s “Mr. Peonies Grief Diary.” They are characters from seperate text performances by Lou Lou Sainsbury and Kari Rosenfeld but in this performance their texts, and therefore themselves are put in the same world. Xeny’s love poem, expressing fantasies of being cracked open and seep seep seepsing through the pores of the one who they desire and Mr. Peonies through his diary as he reflects on green as the color of life, death, and empire dissolution. The performances create a sonic universe where their worlds meet in clashes of cymbals and song.

“Mr. Peonies Grief Diary”

Performance / Text (15:00)

Motto Books, Berlin
August 9, 2022

Sick Architecture (by Lauryn Youden)
on PlusX, Cashmere Radio, Berlin
November 12, 2022

Mr. Peonies Grief Diary is the first performance through Rosenfeld’s shadow-drag character “Mr. Peonies.” Mr. Peonies is a middle aged academic man, loosely inspired by Philip Seymour Hoffman, living in New York City documenting his experience of grief in the wake of the death of his brother. Mr. Peonies diary entries tell his story: he goes to alanon, googles the apocolypse, and confronts griefs ultimate banality.
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Documentation of  “Xeny Meets Mr. Peonies”:

This was commissioned as a part of Lou Lou Sainsbury's solo exhibition 'Earth is a Deadname' at Gasworks with generous support from the Freelands Foundation.