Soundpiece and Performace at Radio Kootwijk


Curating Positions: Location in Reverse - Care For a Place Through the Cinematic Lens presents "there is no image and there is no time there is only you inhabiting all dimensions".

Working with our various proximities, this part-performance, part-audio installation considers the digital place, which we constantly inhabit or in which we are constantly embedded as a necessity of production and communication. With a focus on the limits of liveness, languages, feedback and the enactment of online connection, the “film-less audio-film” is stripped of image-sound hierarchy. This has long been entrenched by the cinematic, and has subsequently aided the privileging of the image in online space. With the image stripped away, can we care for the digital space, and ourselves within it, better?

How can we create a non-linear digitality?

This work draws from diffusive chain conversations, made over several weeks, responding to ideas about care for a place while inhabiting the digital space. Engaging with the realities of the working arenas that are predominantly digitised in the pandemic, we are in search of paths between the physical, the digital, and representations of both.

sound mixing  : Constanza Castagnet