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Biography and Contact

Kari Leigh Rosenfeld

Kari Rosenfeld was born in Houston, TX and currently lives and works in Austin TX. Kari used to work in fashion but, had a hard time with the patriarchal, western, classist standard of beauty, the way in which the hard work of artists was used for the sole purpose of accumulating more wealth for a ruling class, the flippant use of resources to create ad campaigns, and the abuse of third world labor to create the products. So Kari has a hard time with fashion, but still thinks that there must be something to it, especially when it challenges traditional oppressive structures. Kari took a break from photography after her stint in fashion but started taking pictures again in 2015 when she was in Palestine. Since then she has slowly started to explore the medium again. Most of the pictures featured on this website are from this new wave of exploration or re-edited and repurposed old imagery.

Kari has also been working on various academic projects that if/when published, will be linked here. She cares a lot about US involvement in the Middle East and every few months can be found speaking at some event on it. She sometimes DJs under the name “DJ HERBERT MARCUSE.” Ultimately, she would love to find a way to combine all of these interests, though it’s unclear how to do it and make money in our professionalized western society. So, at this point, she is open to many forms of photographic  and creative work. Send her an e-mail for a commercial portfolio.  

E-MAIL: KariLeighRosenfeld@Gmail.com
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